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A couple of words on Altro Evo

Kafra the Magnificent, Hunt for the wizard ebook
The streets of the Old city

Altro Evo is a series of adventures in an alternate fantasy world (some sort of Sword & Sorcery magic-punk).

Every ebook has a different hero, the story is independent but closely connected to the other episodes. All events take place over the same day, within the walls of the same old city, like a jigsaw puzzle.

Altro Evo The Day of the Dragon ebook in english
The entrance of the Drunk Dragon Tavern

The series can be read in any order and each one is a self-contained ebook.

There are six episodes for this first Red series and other four for the second Blue series.

This is not an epic story about heroes, but rather a series of novels about petty thieves, bounty hunters, unsuccessful alchemists and tavern women, that move through the narrow streets of the worst district of  the city. The characters cross each other’s paths and affect each other’s stories, getting in or ending up in big troubles and often in humorous situationsIntrigue, betrayal, mysterymagic out of control and monstrous creatures, that’s what you’ll find in Altro Evo.

The Art of Altro Evo

Altro Evo has a gallery of digital illustration inspired by the characters and the situations of the stories. You can find them here on Deviant Art  Altro Evo, racconti e ebook fantasy - Deviantart Gallery

Altro Evo goes english

Since I started to write Altro Evo I wrote them in italian language, now I would like to know what will happen to translate them in english.

The Day of the DragonKafra the Magnificent, Hunt for the wizardUgly as Death, Being a hero isn't for apprentices

You can find it as kindle ebook and paperback on Amazon!

Thanks to Pasha for her work and patience!